Hayley Hilton

Released at: April 6, 2018 by Transational Fantasies
Blonde bombshell Hayley Hilton is a 19-year-old Texas girl who loves graphic design and Italian food. She can't wait to visit New York City one day. She's been transitioning for 3 years and loves her new breasts. The versatile bottom also loves a man who is dominant and knows how to fuck well. But, there are times where she likes to be in control of her man. She loves when a guy eats her out and sucks her girl cock, like what happened when she had a threesome with two military guys. She also got doubly penetrated. It hurt at first, but then it felt so good. One came in her mouth, and the other in her ass pussy. She really loves a man (or two) who dominates her in doggystyle. She starts unlacing her sexy black heels, wiggling her toes and rubbing them together. She sensually caresses her body with soft hands, now completely naked before you. Her huge uncut cock bobs up and down for you, and her pink head glistens with precum. She squeezes her gorgeous breasts on her back with her legs spread. Feet out, ass out, she spreads her cheeks apart. She teases her trans girl pussy with her manicured finger. She begs you to worship her tight hole with the tip of your tongue. Her cock is hard as fuck, and she likes to get eaten out right before getting fucked. Her huge cock rocks against the mattress as you hump her from behind. Finally, she jerks her long lovestick above a mirror. She squeezes out thick white cream all over her own reflection. She licks the cum up, and it looks as if she is snowballing her cum with herself.

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