Released at: October 28, 2016 by City Girlz
.............. Hammered by three black construction workers....my husband has been overseas on business for well over a month and his southern belle wife is getting quite horny, I was left in charge of getting some renovations done on my home and three black handsome men show up to do the job , (made my pussy wet) as soon as I opened the door, had to line them out and go to the pool for a smoke and a drink, ha maybe one too many .....the foreman watched me stroke my pussy while fantasizing about fucking all three of them , maybe it was my husband has been away to long or possibly the booze that let my inhabitations down, or maybe it's just I'm a whore .....I just got to FUCK these guys .... 4 way gang bang, blow jobs, fucking, creampie, black on white , N word trash talk, smoking, masturbation, IR gang bang, MILF,

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