Green Teddy

Released at: September 11, 2022 by Dirty Doctors Videos
I'm wearing this lovely green Teddy sent to me by one of my admirers. Don't you think it compliments my voluptuous body? I have sorted out a few toys to play with, take a look, but which one shall I use first but let me finger my pussy before playing with my 38DD tits and my hard nipples. Then I reach for my smooth Granite dildo and slide it into my juicy cunt, its so cold and hard but it will soon warm up as I fuck myself with it and it feels so good as I slide it in and out. But I need something bigger and harder, so I reach for my big black Polished stone dildo which slides effortlessly deep into my juicy cunt and I fuck myself hard and fast until I reach a satisfying climax. Now its time to get to work with my rampant stallion silicone dildo and let me tell you it really hits the spot and I pound away until I reach an orgasm but one orgasm is never enough so I sit astride him and ride him hard and once again I reach a climax.

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