Give It To Me Daddy

Released at: October 12, 2022 by Only3x
Here is a testament, that VR porn is not just for guys... Jessie Saint been busted masturbating to VR porn, and with the dildo on the side of her bed, we can be sure, that she is not just proficient using her hands doing whatever makes her satisfied... It turns out, that her stepdad intruded her room without her permission. And this is how she was busted masturbating. Jessie quickly agonizes about him breaking into her own room like this. He removes the blanket very quickly from the top of herself instead of giving an explanation. It revealed, that this lovely blondes fit body still covered with unneccessary items like panties and such. Stepdad seems to be not happy about she masturbating - but we all know what is the real struggle here. He wants to fuck Jessie for sure! She argues with him for a bit. She claims, that she was very bored alone listening to him and her mom fucking all night long. All these moanings and such were bugging her, so she needed to do something with the situation. Since she was disturbed in the act, she quickly moves onto his private parts, which is received with mild objection only. She starts to suck his cock after quickly removing his pants, and just after a couple of initial moves she removes her top to reveal her perky, yet juicy tits. She has great deepthroat skills, and when she moves closer to give some kisses, her pretty face is also something to cherish. With a change of position, you - Mr. Stepdad - find yourself laying down on the bed and enjoying her blowjob skills even more. Deepthroats are varied with spits and other nasty stuff. But she also needs to warm up - so she sits on your face, which gives us an upclose and personal aspect of her truly beautyful, shaved pussy. Her clit is later warmed up with the use of her giant electric wonderwand, we saw earlier. Her floppy-meaty pussy is just ouzing the juice after that and the constant fingering, so it was time to get to the real deal. She starts sitting on your cock in reverse cowgirl position, and since she is so wet, initial penetration was not an issue at all. She worked that cock very much with her pussy! Insertion was so deep, you can practically feel the end of her vagina and the start of her stomach... And the view of her fit and tight ass is just the icing on the cake! Next position is a 180 degree turn into normal cowgirl. From that position, you can enjoy her perfect perky tits and fit abs very well. That girl works out for sure, because her muscles are capable of almost anything and everything! She is also flexible you know... down there, because that big thick cock just dissappeared inside her. Next up is doggystyle, the king of deep penetrations. She loves consuming that dick inside her vagina and asks for increasing the pace. Stepdad fulfills that request with pleasure, and bangs her so hard from behind. That angle reveals her great looking asshole as well, which is just asking for some tingling itself... maybe next time?! Anyhow, switching position to finish this little fuck session (what hopefully wont be known to mom...) - this time into half missionary. She uses her wonderwand dildo again to stimulate her clit during the penetration. This leads to an even bigger sensation. Those legs are far up in the air, held by stepdad, and she enjoys every moment of this - as you could tell and feel. At the end, she lays down on her knees and milked every drip of cum coming out from that dick. Yummy, she says, and she is finally satisfied for the night. Mr. Stepdad can go away, like he did his job well... The family is all well taken care of

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