Girlfriend Approved

Released at: October 15, 2013 by New Sensations - Romance Series
The romance is hot in Girlfriend Approved. Each story has a steamy moral buried deep between the youthful couples in each scene. **A Little Part of Me**: Allie Haze and Rocco Reed, two sensitive (and damned sexy) intellectuals start out shyly expressing their feelings toward each other and end up sensually sweat and cum covered. **Friend Zone**: The fit Anthony Rosano proved to his best friend, Riley Reid that perfect expectations start with trust and sometimes need a little bit of a disguise to kick-start the benefits. **Love, Marriage and Other Bad Ideas**: Alison Tyler is single again thanks to the advice from her lust-hunk of a therapist, Richie Calhoun; yeah they get it on. **Dear Abby**: Giovanni Francisco is supposed to be moving out while they're broken up again, but Natasha Nice realizes what they had and can't handle losing the lustful chemistry they have together. **Love is a Dangerous Game**: Xander Corvus and the petite/perky Alyssa Branch are trapped with no escape; rather than suffering, they spend their last moments alive together doing what everyone would do! **Recipe for Romance**: Samantha Ryan and Richie Calhoun don't need to say anything; they can just jump into it comfortably.

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