Girl Girl Sex 314

Released at: January 13, 2021 by

Scene 1: Jullie lays on her belly giggling as Manon carefully begins to tie her using rope. Carefully tying Jullie's hands and feet, she begins by licking and sucking on her feet caressing her round bum.

Once she is untied, Jullie can't hide her excitement and passionately kisses Manon, grabbing her breasts as her other hand pulls her panties, revealing her hairy pussy.

Scene 2: Valeria and Tatyana smile at each other and giggle uncontrollably as they begin to undress, with their hands rushing to take each other's clothes off. Kneeling next to each other, the girls press their breasts together while they passionately kiss.

Spreading her legs apart, Tatyana grabs Valeria's hand and moves towards her vulva, pushing her fingers inside her already wet pussy. Turning around, Valeria lays on her back while Tatyana's tongue caresses her clit and Tatyana fingers her relentlessly.

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