Foot Slave Training

Released at: November 17, 2017 by Feet On Demand
Goddess Callie is freeing her foot bitch from his cage so that he can be a proper shoe slut for her today. After stringing him up by his ankles, wearing nothing but fuzzy handcuffs, a slave collar, and a chastity device, she makes him lick the filth from her shoe, making him swallow the dirt. See her shove her heel down his throat, making him suck on her high heel. Once he removes her heels with his mouth, she makes him worship her bare feet, starting by licking the sweat and dirt from her soles, cleaning her feet with his tongue. If he does a good job maybe she'll give him a foot job, foot milking him before making him lick his cum from her feet. Goddess Cristi Ann is a sexy dominatrix who is doing an outcall foot session with a new foot bitch. To start, she has him kneel before her on the floor where he belongs and makes him strip before putting him into his slave collar. Watch as she makes him get down on all fours and kiss her sexy knee high boot. See him worship her boots, licking it clean. Watch him tongue her stiletto heel, lapping up the filth from it before taking her boots off and sniffing them. Watch him sniff her dirty pantyhose, rubbing his nose all over them before tasting her smelly feet through the sheer fabric. Once the stockings come off, watch her treat him to a steamy foot job. Goddess Jane has you, her best slave boy, locked up in chastity, teasing you with her sexy body, her perky, pretty pink nipples, making your cock swell against the steel cock cage that's gripping your dick. Worship her feet as your cock gets harder, and harder, straining tightly against the steel bars. Slide your tongue along her soft, wrinkly arches, tasting her from heel to toe. Slather her soles with your spit, swirling your tongue around and between each one of her toes. Feel the cum fill your cock, getting ready to explode for the beautiful pink haired vixen. She wants you to cum like you've never cum before, spewing a huge load for her when she releases you from chastity. Goddess Molly is on her bed with her big, beautiful breasts out, teasing her pussy with a glass dildo while her foot bitch kneels on the floor before her completely nude, wearing nothing but a slave collar and leash. Watch as she makes him suck her pussy juices off of the dildo, then has him take off her sexy strappy high heels, kissing and licking her bare foot as soon as the shoe is off. Since he has been such a good little foot slave lately, the generous goddess is going to reward him for his good behavior. Watch as she wraps her bare feet around his cock, giving him a steamy foot job. See her foot milk him until he cums on her toes.

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Cristi Ann

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Molly Jane