FitBondage 9

Released at: July 1, 2010 by David Mack Video Productions
I shot Jessica for fiterotic, but I could not stop there. I had to see her tied up. I did manage to get a crotchrope on her and expose her breasts in one clip. Mandy K had never done a suspension before and I was out of practice. It didn't work out as I planned and I was going to scrap the tapes until I looked at how good Mandy looks. Angel Lee is the hot girl you see down at the gym. You see her working out, building up a sweat. You wanna take her back to your hotel room and do nasty things to her, don't ya? Super busty Alicia Dimarco in two damsel in distress bondage clips. You gotta watch those tit bounce when she stands and jumps. Two clips of muscular Mandy K in her first bondage experience ever. Clip 1 is Mandy bound in workout clothes, tied to the futon on my patio as the sun sets over the bay. Clip 2 is a tight nude rope hogtie. Ok, so what do you do when your tall, busty, blond playmate walks out of your bathroom dressed in sexy lingerie, lies on your bed, and begs you to tie her up? Silly question, I know. Muscular blond Ashley Chambers teases me with a slow, stripper style dance. Ashley slowly cuffs herself, flogs herself, and chains herself up, taunting me to come and use her.

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David Mack

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David Mack

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