Fiona Cooper 1545 - Dawn

Released at: February 14, 2013 by Fiona Cooper
Dawn is an uninhibited, plucky girl with a cheeky smile and a naughty mind indeed! She doesn't have a shy bone in her body...but she wants yours! She teases with mini-dresses, garter belts, panties and other sexy clothing at first. And just when you think you can't take anymore she invites you deep inside her warm, wet and shaved muff as she drills away with massive dildos in 7 hot solo scenes! She knows that even though you're watching at home, you can't help but to jerk your cock and get off with her! Plus three bonus scenes featuring office girls hard at work just for you!

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Scene9: 02:25:00 - 02:37:40 (12:40)

Scene10: 02:37:41 - 02:52:51 (15:10)

Scene11: 02:52:52 - 03:04:57 (12:05)