Filling Granny Up With Cum

Released at: April 26, 2016 by City Girlz
If you have seen Home Invasion , then you know Grandma Sally D'angelo was told to fuck her Grandson John or there would be big trouble. But as it turned out the more they fucked the more they liked it...... Many months have passed since that night and the two were recently alone again , Sally wanted to set the record straight that what happened was to NEVER happen again. John doesn't see it that way, he was so excited about the ordeal that he wants more of that Grandma pussy and when he sees his Grandma in a string bikini he just cannot control himself, she pleads with him that this is wrong ,but soon they are fucking and sucking like swingers , John has such a uncontrollable lust for her he cannot think straight, he even fucks her in the kitchen, so off to the bedroom they go so John can give his Grandma a huge creampie ....

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