Fake Cop Presents - Jessica

Released at: November 23, 2017 by Fake Cop Clips
I'm not one to put up with any nonsense from the general public, and when this one blonde slut called me out on the stairs of her flat, I couldn't just let it go. After she claimed "freedom of speech" as a defence, I exercised a bit of freedom myself to complement her lovely large tits. After exchanging a few words, she invited me into her place for a tea. Turns out poor Jessica'd had some bad experiences with coppers in the past, so I turned my charm and did what I could to warm her up to the long arm of the law. Jessica warmed up so much that in no time, she slipped out of her dress and got on her knees to show me how well a bad girl like her sucks cock. When I got her on all fours on the sofa, pushing back on every thrust of my rock hard cock, I knew the lads at the station would cheer me on for pulling off this public relations master-stroke! -- Fake Cop

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