Fake Agent UK Presents - Demona

Released at: May 24, 2021 by Fake Agent UK Clips
If it's one thing that turns me on over anything else during sex it's fanny farts. I fucking love them. This American born London escort had the tightest pussy I'd come across in years, and it seemed that every time I went to slip my cock in there, a cheeky squeaky fanny fart would pop out. Then when I fucked her hard in doggy style... well, if I had trapped any more air in her, she may have floated off like a balloon. Like I said, massive turn on. After a number of positions her tight pussy was doing me in, I kept wanting to cum all the time. So I eased off the gas and asked her to give me a foot job, so I could regain my composure for some more fucking... Only problem was this also turned me right on, and after a number of sensitive rubs Krakatoa blew, and I mean fucking blew. My spunk flew out of my helmet like streams of hot molten spunk, high into the atmosphere, where it nearly hit the fucking ceiling. Then came raining down over her hair, face, tits, legs, pussy. Fucking everywhere. What a mess, and what an awesome tight pussy.

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