Fair Warning

Released at: June 13, 2007 by ZFX Productions
Nikki and Mary are two beautiful but morally bankrupt girls looking for some action on a Halloween eve... Fred Butler is an unsuspecting traveling antique and relic dealer on his way to deliver a mysterious attache' case to a wealthy client... As fate would have it, their worlds will collide in the parking lot of a gas station, with murder and mayhem as the result. Though they don't yet realize it, their chance meeting will lead them down the path straight to hell in FAIR WARNING. Hitching a ride with Fred, the girls convince him to buy them some liquor in exchange for a "good time". Little does Fred know that they also invited someone else to the party, Nikki's sinister boyfriend Clip. Parking in a remote area, Mary and Nikki begin to pleasure the more that willing Fred. Unfortunately, this party is about to be crashed harshly. Just as Fred is having the time of his life with petite Mary riding his pole like a wild animal, Clip ends the fun with a nasty hammer blow to Fred's head. Fred awakens to find he is bound to a chair in his motel room, the insatiable Mary still impaling herself on his rigid member, while Nikki alternately beats and questions him about the contents of the mysterious locked briefcase that was in his trunk. Fred made the mistake of telling the girls about the valuable relic he was delivering... He told them that it was a cursed but priceless object of incredible evil. Now it seems, its price just may be his life! Fred tries to warn them not to open the case, but no one believes his talk of curses or magic. That's a big mistake, one for which they will be severely punished. Within the case lies and honest-to-goodness turn of the century technological marvel: a demon extraction wand containing the eternally evil countenance of one long trapped and very pissed off demon. Playing with their new "toy", the hapless trio soon release the hidden demon trapped within. This demon has a particular affinity for the torment and plunder of squirming female flesh, which Mary and Nikki provide in ample quantities. From their pain and fear the spirit draws its power. The more pain and fear the more power! Soon the malevolent spirit takes total control, delivering the girls bound and gagged to an extra-dimensional tease chamber where their anguished screams will not be heard. A place where they will taste suffering the likes of which they never thought possible. Written and directed by Rick Masters, this is an incredible horror/bondage/sci-fi epic featuring the most bizarre and provocatively intense action you have ever seen in a movie of this genre. This movie is only for adults who wish to see a sexually explicit psychodrama of the strongest nature. This is FAIR WARNING.

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