Eviction Order & The Housewife

Released at: May 15, 2018 by California Star Productions
Jane Nightin Gale is keen to sell her empty house to Gywneth, but she warns her that it's not the best state before taking her on a tour. Gywneth is very impressed by the indoor pool and is eager to see the rest of the building. But, they are horrified to find a scantily dressed young woman asleep in the master bedroom. Realizing that the young woman has been squatting on the property, a terrible row ensues. However, there is a solution! The two women go downstairs to collect some punishment implements, and it is not long before the young squatters' behind is glowing red from the punishment that they give her. As the girl has ruined much of the house, they decide to move her from room to room to punish her in each one. Spanking, paddling and caning are involved in her punishment. But there is more to the story, there is another young woman hiding out, watching the action. And when she is found, she is dealt with in the very same way, with the cane eventually teaching her a very valuable lesson. An all-important football game is about to start and this husband is ready and waiting for it. He asks his wife to bring him a cup of tea, and also tells her that his mates should be over soon to watch the game with him. Well, she has gotten all dressed up for him, looking sex, but all he wants is his cup of tea and to watch the game. He gets quite irritated with her and starts to spank her. But when he sees her very sexy underwear, he gets turned on. The more he sees her ass, the more turned on he gets and proceeds to forget all about the football game on television.

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