Enema/Spank Debutantes Vol. 2 (Lucy & Christina, Chocolate Covered)

Released at: May 1, 2007 by A Wizard of Ass
Reality show about first enemas and first spanking! Gonzo-style enemas, spanking/paddling and kinky play.... minus the shaky camerawork! All real action with first-timer amateur girls. Lucy is lively and very youthful. Tiny in size, she's a very virginal 18 yo, fresh from Catholic school in the countryside! Just moved to a big city, never been on her own before, she decides to challenge herself by appearing naked for the first time in a film, and trying lots of kinky things.... including many she didn't even know existed! I start easy on this eager little virgin. I make her dance and do a strip tease. She's irresistibly innocent, with her doe eyes and tight little butt. Then I cover her up in chocolate! My girlfriend Christina, a lovely Asian coed, wrestles her and licks her toes. After a whipped cream fight, I put both girls in hogtie bondage and administer a double enema! Christina has had many enemas before, but for Lucy it's a first. I help her with a vibrator.... which also turns out to be a first for her!! At the end of the full-bag enemas, both girls have very distended bellies, especially petite Lucy. They make a dash to the bathroom, and awkwardly share the single toilet by cozying up together. After a lovely shower, it's spanking time for Lucy! I swing her across my lap, then masturbate, tickle, spank and paddle her. Making her kneel on a chair, with hands on the floor, I also use a riding crop and a cane on her. Finally, I sooth her poor butt with ice cubes. One of the paddles leaves an imprint on her no-longer-virginal butt: "SLUT"!

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