En Toute Intimite (In All Intimacy)

Released at: June 11, 2006 by Dorcel
Whilst writing a thesis based on a contemporary painter's sexual work, Lisa runs arcoss Thomas, a painter himself and one hell of a young stud. Confused by his erotic paintings, she surrenders to his charms and they both have furious sex session in a hotel nearby. Although Lisa comes back home to her boyfriend Paul with a sense of guilt, the two of them are soon engaged in a frantic sex act. Despite her love for Paul, Lisa can't forget the intense time she's had with Thomas and decides to go to his studio. When she arrives, she stumbles upon Thomas and her muse, Carole, who are having sex behind a closet. Frustrated by what she's seen, Lisa decides to let her fantasies run wild and ...gets back to her thesis. But the image of Thomas and Carole will not stop haunting her...
Having won four times best film at various European festivals for her previous Marc Dorcel's produced masterpiece, Le Parfum Du Desir, mischievous director Angela Tiger has made a new erotic winner! Katsumi and Tiffany Hopkins, two of the best internationally renowned French actresses are giving 110% of themselves in this intimate and extremely hot film!

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