Electrosluts - Electrosluts LIVE With Jayden Lee!

Released at: December 24, 2016 by Kink Clips
**Sexy MILF dominates Cute All Natural Asian LIVE on Electrosluts!** If you missed Electrosluts' live shoot with Francesca Le and Jayden Lee. I feel sorry for you. You missed some amazing electro BDSM action, the likes of which drops your jaw and reminds you why you watch lezdom porn to begin with, and you'll never see it again. Kidding! In this update, you'll see that electrosex liveshoot. Francesca starts the scene off with a zap with a cattle prod, electrifying Jayden's tender flesh. But Francesca doesn't stop there! In goes an electrical anal plug into Jayden's willing, but quivering, asshole, while her breasts are pinched by nipple clamps and her vagina is stuffed to the brim. All that lesbian BDSM ass play gives Francesca an itch in her anus as well, and she makes Jayden scratch that urge, with her tongue! Francesca doesn't let Jayden stop until her brown eye is properly worshipped. Jayden impresses Francesca so much, she straps on an acrylic strap on and fucks her little slut's ass until she cums from pleasure and winces from the shocks. Finally, Francesca shows off the elasticity of a well-used butt by stretching Jayden's ass!

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