EFW7: Girls Kick Ass

Released at: April 22, 2021 by Evolved Fights
There's winning, and then there is pure female domination! In this raw FemDom edition of EFW7 - GIRLS KICK ASS, these badass babes not only take down their male opponents, they fuck them in the ass! Brandi Mae vs Marcello, Dee Williams vs Jay West, Jenevieve Hexxx vs Racker, and Savannah Fox vs husband Shawn Fox! No denying these girls can handle their own. That's ass-pounding Girl Power!

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Scene1: 00:01:46 - 00:46:42 (44:56)

Scene2: 00:47:06 - 01:26:04 (38:58)

Scene3: 01:26:27 - 02:01:43 (35:16)

Scene4: 02:02:07 - 02:54:00 (51:53)