Dredd 13

Released at: March 15, 2022 by Jules Jordan Video
It's "DREDD vs. Vina" just as the starlet exclaims, in this scene from Jules Jordan. Vina Sky may have "Sky" in her name but she's heavenly, especially in the cyan and pink floral lingerie she sports. Don't forget the pink pumps she skillfully flaunts as well. The beauty effortlessly draws eyeballs from their sockets during a tease that resolves on a kitchen countertop. DREDD enters and exclaims "Wow!", basking in Vina's physical glory. The silky Vina Sky handles DREDD's flesh vermin, sexily stating "breakfast, lunch and dinner". Vina Sky shows she can throw out the occasional sexy remark even with all of her physical tools... After creating a two-handed slobbery log, she gets the vexed DREDD to exclaim "God you're fucking good! God damn it!". Vina Sky is quietly able to convey that she knows this, slipping into doggy on a red stool. The virtuoso vixen has already won half the battle, her small but powerful chassis consuming DREDD's phoenix phallus. Able to handle what girls twice her size can not without at least a cuss. Just watching you will let out a "Jesus". The potent duo have more to give after the doggy delight. A round of cowgirl then a monumental maestro moment for Vina Sky. DREDD occupies the sofa while Sky braces herself on the floor with her arms. DREDD pounds a stretched out Vina Sky never showing an ounce of exhaustion. The seductress has won the battle, deciding to draw cum out of DREDD on this day. Delivering a short cum bubble show as we salute Vina Sky's victory Opening with an outdoor tease, milky skinned Charly showcases her diminutive yet curvy assets. Once indoors Miss Summer shows some flexibility in the stairway as Dredd watches in approval. He stands before Charly while still wearing his pants. She rubs them and comments "Your dick almost goes down to your knee..." She removes it from his britches and says "This is a really nice dick. Let's see how much I can fit in my mouth, OK?" Dredd approves while Summer sucks what she's able. "Dick's so big my hand can barely hold it though" as she goes back for another try. Charly spreads out on a sofa and says "Want to see this tight little fuck hole get used real good?" Of course. Amazingly Summer is able to ingest a respectable amount. Resembling a stick puppet from renaissance times...In cowgirl the pussy/dick disparity is very noticeable. Summer's twat fully latched on to rod on every stroke. Heroically, Charly takes Dredd in doggy. A mind boggling view yet explosively hot. Once back on their sides Summer says "You fuck the life out of me". Showing no loss of stamina, Charly consumes a full dose of Dredd deposit. Alexia Anders is set to take on the DREDD leviathan in this scene from JulesJordan.com. Primped in lavender lingerie, we are treated to a quick tease with Alexia Anders. The amber haired, all-natural jade is petite. And when the mighty DREDD appears the word "contrast" is immediately written down... Audacious Alexia Anders quickly warms to DREDD. She says "You smell so good" then unfurls DREDD's wonder wang. "Oh my god, such a huge cock. It's bigger than my face!" Alexia exclaims. Yes, which brings us back to the word "contrast" and the pondering of how Anders is going to deal with said cock. Turns out, amazingly well. The tiny tart starts the happy DREDD out with a bj. Two hands are required for his beef girder that Alexia competently shines up with her never ending supply of slobber. When the couple begin fucking, the eye bulging visuals are plenty. You think Alexia Anders' twat has no business messing with DREDD's shaft. Neither does Alexia. Because at one point during the beginning of reverse-cow she laughs at the absurdity. But this lovely plows through with aplomb. Enjoying every moment with vocal approvals. Her upper notes are true and honest. She runs through doggy, cowgirl, missionary and fold n' fuck. By the end she's truly spent as her face speaks volumes. DREDD ends the winning encounter by depositing his load into her mouth and onto her face. Coco Lovelock may be the first porn lilliputian. Ironically, in this scene from Jules Jordan Video there is a giant involved...Dredd's massive meat. The diminutive darling greets Jules and is asked who dropped her off. "My mom. She knows what I'm doing...". The 21 year old self described slut is a big cam girl fan that ended up making her own 100 plus shows. Now she's ready to take things up a notch. Who better to raise the stakes with than Dredd? Out by the pool Blonde Coco tells Dredd "I seen your cock on the internet, it's huge". Dredd uses the opening by saying "Seeing you're here right now, why not see it in person?". Teensy Lovelock agrees and unleashes the sex serpent. Showing no fear, she does make some head and arm comparisons as most do. She gets excited by the size, yet she's so small she can give Dredd a standing bj! A most unique visual. The penis pixie knows how to deal with the size discrepancy. She fits as much cock into her tiny mouth as she can, then two hands the rest. Dredd seems to approve as he uses the word "amazing" a lot. At one point our fairy-like Coco takes a moment to see if she could fit Dredd's redwood in her pussy. They actually giggle at the idea "It would poke my lungs out" says a contemplative Lovelock. Dredd knows how to maximize Coco's size as he picks her up and twirls her upside down for an aerial sixty-nine. Lovelock approves then she finally sets her sights on making Dredd pop.

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