Released at: January 16, 2019 by Sweet Sinner
As technologic breakthroughs increasingly allow the ultra-wealthy to manufacture their appearance, the elite become unable to recognize their own reflection. Ryan has lost himself, and the love of his life, in pursuit of this outward perfection. He paid to look more distinguished so his employees would not see him as the spoiled rich kid who inherited his father's company. His ability to buy whatever he wants has caused him to fantasize about what he cannot have--like women who are not won over by wealth. A product of privilege, Ryan's step daughter, Alexa, also wants the one things she can't have: her stepfather. Alexa goes under the knife to make herself look indistinguishable from Ryan's current obsession--a young stripper named Kenna. Unfathomable wealth has left these two beautiful, but broken, individuals longing for what money can't buy. Their preoccupation with perfection may ultimately be their downfall.

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