Dirty Dating Service Vol. 2

Released at: February 18, 2005 by Wicked Pictures
Volume 2 features Laurie fulfilling her fantasy of having sex in the same room with another couple, but she asks for just a little bit more. How will her husband deal with that? Monique Perri has a fantasy of having sex with three guys at once. Rodney can make her dreams come true. Traci Prince is a chesty girl who just loves big cock. Rodney gives it to her first before hooking her up with Rick O'Shea. This is some of Rodney Moore's earliest work. The Dirty Dating Series was developed by Rodney for Wicked Pictures with enough success to spur six delightful sequels. And of course, Rodney Moore gets to sample all of the girls' charms and lets each of them experience his famous "facial skin cream."

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