Devil's Ecstasy

Released at: January 1, 2006 by VCX
Cyndie (Cyndie Summers) is at college when she learns of the passing of her mother, who had been institutionalized for many years. She must return to the home of her birth to claim her inheritance, which includes the mansion and grounds. Before leaving she meets with Arthur (Arthur Hendricks), the family lawyer, who tells her something of the family history, which is shrouded in mystery. Arthur tells her that the mansion has been maintained for some time by her aunt, Meredith (Meredith Raye), who has a bit of an odd reputation: the townspeople think her a witch! That night Cyndie sleeps very little, as she will not see her boyfriend, Rick for some time. He cautions her to be careful, as he doesn't trust Arthur, she is to call him as soon as she can. Cyndie is greeted warmly by Aunt Meredith, but the coffee is drugged, and Cyndie soon learns that Meredith is indeed a witch, and Cyndie is to be inducted into the cult, which practices an interesting form of sexual black-magic.

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