Deep Inside Lil' Latina Holes No. 9

Released at: April 20, 2015 by Team Skeet
Bem vindo Brazil! Coming to you from the ass capital of the world so you know we had to find a big bunda beauty for you to feast your eyes upon. Ricardo had one waiting when we stopped by. She introduced herself as Joyce and she was 22 years old. ASS WAS OUT OF THIS WORLD! She broke her bathing suit bottoms it was so big. Ricardo oiled her up and after a little fingering and pussy licking decided to put a cock in her. She loved it and rode it like the dick fiend she was. Just then Paolo runs up and starts screaming at her. Well it turns out that his girl and Ricardo was piping her best friend's girl. Paolo's a good guy though and just whipped it out and joined in. "Share the ass" was his motto and believe me there was enough ass for days! Lovely little Michaela was her on vacation from Venezuela to have a little fun where no one knows her and she got what she was looking for. I called up JC and told him to get his ass to the beach so we could bag this dark skinned hottie. She was all alone on the beach so we went over and presented our case. She was loving us from the beginning. We told her we were taking pictures of pretty girls on the beach and sweet talking our way into her bikini bottom. Her accent was really cute and the more she talked the more I just wanted to just get her ass home. We asked her to talk dirty to us and she began enlightening us on the many different words for pussy. Fucking sweet! Then we broke out the oil and began to oil her up. She was really ticklish and giggling like crazy. Every spot we hit was feeling good to her. We made sure to get her tits oiled and ready while we were on the beach. After some chit chat we got her showered up and took her back home for some cock. She was with it from the beginning. We both knew why she was here and they got to it. Check out the way this girl was riding the dick. She was moaning really loud and I thought my neighbors were going to complain. Why can't all girls be as open and free as this beauty?! My amazing cousin Guy was in need of a little yard and wood work in his yard so I get ready and went to work. I cut a couple trees down and some other shit and then came back in to find Guy with the exchange student that's staying with us. I seriously don't know how he pulled that off but I was definitely impressed. She is a fucking dime piece! Sexy Spanish schoolgirls; does life get any better? So I started making small talk with her and after awhile I knew where her head was at. She was little freak. There were drawings of dicks and dirty words all over her homework. I asked if she wanted to see my dick and I could tell she was down so I threw her books off the couch and bent her ass over. And the heavens opened up and her ass and tight pussy were revealed. I can't tell you how nice her ass was because there are no words in the English language that can describe the perfection that is Luscious' ass and thighs. She had a really tight pussy which made everything so much better. She took my dick all the way down to the balls while she was deep throating. I was about to cum so I had to stop her! I wish all exchange students were this fun! Welcome back to the fuckfest that is Butders and I met up at the beach and he was giving me shit for finally buying some new sunglasses. Fuck that! I'm all style. Only the best for me. But I'm getting off topic here. We were at the beach looking for another Latina to lay the dick on when we ran into a tall blonde with a heavenly body named Summer. Now Summer looks like a white girl but we found out that Argentina claimed her 18 years ago. With an ass like that I knew she had some Latina blood in her. Well Butders got the introduction down and offered an oil rub because we take a stand against tan lines... ok actually we just wanted to feel up on that glorious ass. After that budters was a little excited and Summer was hot and thirsty so we went back to my place. We cooled her down with some ice all over those perky tits and smooth ass. Then Butders oiled up her ass again and couldn't help but get a little taste, coño. (Spanish 101. Coño = damn!) That got her a little excited and she was taking the meat to the back of the throat. She was loving every second of it. Then she got on the couch and Butders rammed that ass. And since she was thirsty earlier Butders left her with a cum puddle on her tits to quench it. 1 more for the good guys! Our last day in Colombia is here. Tomorrow really early we will be leaving to Panama I think so we decided to go out one last time and see if we could scoop up a fine ass Loca to take home! While Primo was talking shit we saw an exquisite beauty walk by and make eye contact. She seemed interested so we talked to her a little bit. She introduced herself in English, her name was Violet. She spoke way better English then Primo. You could actually make out what she was saying haha! Well this sexy young mami was wearing a shirt that left nothing to the imagination. Her big perky tits were almost completely exposed and we couldn't stop staring. We stop to get a bite to eat and then she invited us back to her house and we got to pop those titties out! I can't stress how perfect they were. I really really honestly can't say I've ever seen a better pair of tits. Violeta and Primo got down and started the foreplay and then she got up on a table and fingered herself for us. That's so sexy. She wanted some cock so we gave her 2 to work with. Girls this fine don't usually do things this naughty so we made sure to enjoy every second of it and we left her with a puddle of cum between her tits to remember us by. Ciao Colombia!

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