Deal, The

Released at: May 11, 2018 by All Her Luv (AllHerLuv)
Brooklyn comes home from the worst day at work ever. She's finally decided to quit, after two whole years of being bullied by her female colleagues. Mr. Elsworth, her boss, calls to try to persuade her to come back to work to no avail. Brooklyn has had enough and has mustered all her inner-strength to walk away from the highest paying job in the city. In a desperate attempt to get Brooklyn back he questions if she is being a forgiving Christian? "Well Mr. Elsworth, you've inspired me to curse God, maybe even convert to Satanism to get as far away from YOUR God as possible. I'm quitting today, and I'll take a month's severance and if you don't give me an excellent reference I WILL go to the police AND the media about the abuse in your office." She hangs up the phone, sits up and looks to the sky. A gust of wind blows and a red light emerges and the most beautiful blonde enters. "Did I hear you curse God?" Jessa purrs to Brooklyn as licks her lips before sticking it flat out to fork into a serpent's tongue. Brooklyn in in awe, "Are you an angel?" Jessa hisses, "Do I look like a cherub to you?" Watch the story unfold..

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