Darian Caine - My Pleasures

Released at: September 26, 2005 by After Hours Cinema (Adult)
****Recommended For Rental**** Massachusetts native Darian Caine has always been fascinated with eroticism and horror. This may sound shocking until she explains her father took her to see "The Exorcist" when she was two and her earliest childhood memories include seeing the television mini-series, "Salem's Lot." So it's not surprising the beautiful, diminutive brunette has gone on to star in more than her fair share of horror and erotic films - at least 30 at present count, many of them with Seduction Cinema. As a matter of fact, Darian IS the Seduction Cinema girl; her profile appears on the Seduction Cinema logo. Darian's inspired work on her first film with Seduction Cinema, 1999's "Girl Explores Girl: The Alien Encounter," quickly lead to starring roles in such high-profile, cult classic erotic spoofs as "The Erotic Witch Project," "Erotic Survivor," "Gladiator Eroticvs" and "Lord of the G-String." Seemingly overnight, Darian became the erotica label's first bonafide "star," and the demand for her in films and at fan conventions was truly impressive. Darian continues to work with Seduction Cinema as well as sister label Shock-O-Rama Cinema. Her latest role, for Shock-O-Rama, is the perfect combination of thrills, chills, horror and eroticism...she plays "Dracula" in the horror film, Lust for Dracula - a modern adaptation of the Bram Stoker classic - written and directed by Tony Marsiglia.

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