Daniella Margot Sucks Rims And Swallows

Released at: November 6, 2017 by Brandon Iron Productions Clips
19-year-old Russian blonde bombshell Daniella came over for a cocksucking casting. She lives in St. Petersburg, Russia, and "very like sports, kittens, cats, and feeling sex, too." She likes to suck cock and finds swallowing "very interesting." She unzips her short black dress, worn without panties, which I take as an invite to rim her. Daniella first sucked dick at 16 and swallowed from the start. Nothing else needed, so I lead her to her knees. I was far too nervous and could not jump start my engine. She sucks and sucks but I can't get the rocket to launch. She rims me and face fucks herself. She takes off her high heels and I suck her sweaty toes. I finger her asshole and we each get a taste. My semi-hard dick is too sensitive and she manages to suck me to completion. I push her back on the couch, straddle her, and dump a backed-up load into her mouth. She swallows and I thank her for being so kind before watching her walk away. Later that same week, I hired a friend of hers who told me that Daniella said I was "old and gross." Age burn of the man 29 years her senior.....ouch! I hope you enjoy this scene more than Daniella did. Can't wait to meet up with her in 2046 when she's my age. Tick tock goes the clock for all of us, including hot Russian teenagers.

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