Damsel In Distress 984 - Fantasy Girl

Released at: March 21, 2021 by Red MILF Productions
A man entered a house and, on his way to the kitchen, heard a muffled voice coming from the bedroom. Curious, he entered and saw a busty blonde woman on her back, her cuffed hands tied directly over her head, her ankles bound, and her legs held apart. She was completely naked and had a cloth gag across her mouth. Nearby was a note. The man picked it up and read: 'Hi, my name is Gwen, and I am all yours for the evening. So take your time and enjoy my body every way you can imagine. I want to be your fantasy girl'. Gwen was shaking her head and trying to scream through the gag to deny what the note said. The man laid the note aside, sat on the bed, and ran his hands over Gwen's body, enjoying the feel of her flesh, paying special attention to her breasts and thighs. Gwen could only groan at such a humiliation. After a few minutes of fondling her, the man began rubbing her pussy. He stroked her clit until Gwen became frantic. She was desperate to prevent the man from making her cum, but she could not escape of his finger. The man increased the pressure until she finally lost control and had an unwanted orgasm, squirting all over the bed.

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