Damsel In Distress 865 - Wife Impregnation

Released at: February 9, 2021 by Red MILF Productions
Stacie was made to wear a sexy and skimpy leopard-skin outfit. He wanted her to look her best while he humiliated and punished her. Stacie was too far gone to deny him. She could only moan a feeble protest as the man grabbed her by the hair and made her suck his cock right down to the balls. She told him that she would do anything to leave. She was still reeling from the experience when he pushed her onto the bed and fucked her deep in the missionary position. After that, he got the hapless woman onto her hands and knees and gave her another long, hard cock-pounding until he shot his load deep into her pussy. But that only led to a short break for Stacie. The man had found her such a good fuck, that he decided to bring his equally depraved brother into the scheme. The pair even struck a deal to try and get Stacie pregnant. The man had always liked the idea of being a father. It was infinitely distressing for Stacie, her recent ordeal to see not one - but two - masked men waiting to fuck her. Once again she could do nothing to stop herself being used and degraded. This time she had to suck the man's cock while his brother fucked her from behind without a condom. This time she had to suck the man's cock while his brother fucked her from behind without a condom. Despite Stacie's pleas for him not to cum her in, he did not hesitate to fill her pussy up with his hot cream. Following another bout of cock sucking, Stacie then got the same relentless doggy-style pounding from the man himself. Having shot his own wad inside of her, he finished up by tit-fucking her and jerking his remaining load all over her dazed face. Poor Stacie was a broken woman by the end of it all. As the two men revealed that she would have to return to her horrible little prison, she could do nothing but hold her head in her hands and mutter incoherently.

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