Damsel In Distress 824 - Sexual Harassment

Released at: January 28, 2021 by Red MILF Productions
Stacie gave her notice to her long time employer as her position as the nanny. Mr. Barb was a very chauvinistic male and he was extremely strict with Stacie. Although he had never acted on his urges he knew the window of opportunity for fucking her was quickly closing. He vowed to have before she left. A couple days later he was watching her at the front door. He confronted her about not being dressed during working hours. Rather than letting her get out of her robe and changing he made her begin her housework in a robe. Mr. Barb began to make advances toward Stacie. He put his hand on her ass while she was up on a ladder dusting. He went to his office and threw papers all over the floor. He made her get on the floor and sort through all the papers. He stroked himself as he watched her ass and tits hanging out of her short robe. She was a timid woman so she put up with him. He went into her room while she was changing and tried to hit on her again. She did not go for it. Her last day came and she went to his office for her final pay check. He did not sign the check. Stacie questioned him as he began to grope her tits. Stacie did not know what to do. She became very angry inside and finally after all the years she snapped at him demanding hr money. Mr. Barb covered her mouth with a soaked rag. Stacie struggled to get free but soon became limp in his arms. She woke up to being tied spread eagle on the sofa bed.

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