Damsel In Distress 813 - Money Cannot Buy Everything

Released at: January 25, 2021 by Red MILF Productions
Rachel and Stacie, two very wealthy widows living on credit. The woman preyed on rich young men, took them as their lovers and made them into pay for all their expenses. One evening as they dressed for a formal charity function, the doorbell rang, two repossession men were there to collect their sports cars. Rachel quickly ordered them inside so the neighbors would not see them. The men told the woman they would not leave without the vehicles. Rachel and Stacie knew what they could possible do to change their minds. Both of them dropped to their knees and began sucking the dirty sweaty cocks of the repo men. Rachel assumed a few sucks of their cocks and the men would be satisfied, after all other men always were. The men were insulted and sick of dealing with stuck up whores like them. Rachel stopped sucking handed him her fake diamond ring and ordered them out. The repo men decided to take theses bitches down for insulting them. They attacked both, tying their hands behind their backs and gagging them. They made the women get down on their knees and face fucked them. They wanted to sample the charms of both women's blowjob skills so they switched places. They were going to take whatever they wanted from them and take the cars. Rachel and Stacie fought back but the men had them overpowered them. The women finally realized their hopeless positions and told the men that they would do whatever they wanted. Just hurry up and finish and leave their cars. The men took turns fucking both, switching. Rachel ended up bent over the couch sucking one and being banged by the other. Stacie got it from both as well. In the end, when the men had humiliated the fancy prostitutes, they both got a huge blast of smelly cum across their faces and in their hair. No party for them tonight, and no ride to get there.

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