Damsel In Distress 708 - Beauty And The Monster 6

Released at: December 31, 2020 by Red MILF Productions
A creature comes out of the woods. He senses a potential mate nearby. He approaches the house cautiously. He is not afraid. He wants to observe. He watches through a window. Gwen has just arrived home. She enters her room. Something feels strange. She looks around. She decides everything is fine and nods to herself. She takes off her clothes to get ready for a bath. The monster stares at her naked body. He decides that she is the one. He enters the house. He enters her room. She sees him and screams. He grabs for her and pulls the towel off her body. She faints and falls on her bed. the monster runs his paws over her luscious body. The monster enters her. He fucks her motionless body. She gets up to find the creature on her and in her. He grabs her throat to subdue. She cries out as the monster continues to grunt and pump the blonde beauty, his horrible face next to hers. He stands her up. He pulls her arms behind her back and enters her from behind. She cries out as the creature pumps deep into her. The creature shoves her forward and takes her from behind like an animal. She continues to moan and cry as the creature strokes in and out of her pussy. It rolls over on his back and makes the blonde beauty ride him. He rolls over once again and fucks her hard missionary style. He gropes her breasts with his paws as he nears orgasm. He pushes all the way in her and shoots his alien creature seed into her.

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