Damsel In Distress 603 - The Pony Slave Heiress

Released at: November 22, 2020 by Red MILF Productions
Gwen Stacy , wearing a tight leotard works out in her living room. She bends and stretches showing off her fine rump. When she is done she heads for the shower. She lathers up her fine young breasts and ass. The next day we see a fine smartly dressed red head in her office behind a desk. Gwen knocks and enters. Helena Stacy is Gwens stepmother. Gwens step-father had passed several years prior, leaving her inheritance in trust in Helenas hands to manage for Gwen until she was of age. The time had come. Helena explained to Gwen that she had invested her money into a fine horse stable close by. The account had grown quite well. An equestrian center had the bulk of her cash. Helena told her she wanted to take her to see the stables and to see where her money was. Gwen loved anything involving horses, she was excited to go. Several months later Helena and Madame Tatiana walk a wooded path towards the stables. Madame Tatiana owned the place. Tatiana explained how spirited Gwen was to break. They had a very difficult time training her. Tatiana a brought her to a open stable and a groom with folded arms waited. Tatiana ordered the groom to bring in pony # 12, YOUNG Gwen! Rachel was curious to see what they had done with her. Tatiana had the young pony trot and get into several different poses she had been trained to do. Gwen was covered in whipping welts. She wore nothing but a tight black belt, a leather training color and leather cuffs. Her vocal cords had been severed to keep noise to a minimum. Led on a chain, Gwen was to perform for her wicked stepmother who did this to her.

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