Damsel In Distress 568 - Wunder Woman Versus The Couple

Released at: March 30, 2020 by Red MILF Productions
Wunder Woman received a phone call. It was from a young couple on their honeymoon. They wanted her to come over and have a threesome. Wunder Woman was about to hang up when the man told her he had pictures of her sucking and fucking villains. Wunder Woman had no choice. She arrived at their house. The couple made her perform oral sex on his new bride. Then they made her suck his cock. The man then took a strap on and told Wunder Woman to fuck his wife. His wife loved it and sucked his cock as Wunder Woman banged her from behind. The couple then made Wunder Woman to suck him off until he blew his load across both of their faces. Wunder Woman demanded the photos but the couple denied her so they could use her again for their pleasure.

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