Damsel In Distress 391 - Psychotic

Released at: October 14, 2012 by Red MILF Productions
Taylor was admitted to a psychiatric ward. She had gone mad years ago. An orderly took advantage of the women during the night shift. He came in to her room and told her it was time for her temperature to be taken. He pulled his cock out and guided it in her mouth. She sucked like a trained dog. He asked her if she liked to get fucked and she smiled and said yes. He fingered her and fucked her. She asked for ice cream and candy, the orderly told her he would give it to her in time. He was ready to cum and she opened up like a little bird, he shot it in her mouth. Taylor smiled and said ice cream and swallowed the load. The orderly left her in her straight jacket and went on to the next room.

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