Damsel In Distress 15 - Jaime Gets Jumped And Tied

Released at: March 27, 2020 by Red MILF Productions
Jaime is dusting when she gets grabbed from behind by a tough female intruder (Rachel Steele). She gets slammed down on the floor and a gag shoved in her mouth. Her male companion quickly ties her legs as the female secures the gag and starts to tie up the hands. Jaime is warned not to struggle. Her hands and tied to her feet so she can't get away. The female intruder pulls down Jaime's top and plays with her tits. She loses interest in Jaime and decides to explore the house looking for loot. Jaime struggles to get away while the masked intruders search the house for money. The intruders eventually return to play with Jaime's tits some more. As they leave the house we can hear the phone ringing. Perhaps it is someone who will come to her rescue?

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