Damsel In Distress 1042 - Lights Out

Released at: August 10, 2020 by Red MILF Productions

Joe was a ruthless sex-fiend working as an electrician. One day a woman called Dallas phoned his service and requested he come to her house and fix some faulty wiring. Joe immediately accepted the job and headed on his way. But he had no intention of actually helping Dallas out. Instead he was set on taking her and having his wicked with her. This was because of two things. The first was the sexiness of Dallas' voice over the phone. The second was her mentioning she was alone. When Joe got to Dallas' house, he knocked on the door and turned away from it to hide his face. Dallas answered right away. She began to give Joe a warm welcome, then faltered at the feeling that something was not right. Joe had kept his back to her and stayed eerily silent. Then, all of a sudden, he sprang into action - twisting around and lunging at a startled Dallas. He then put his strong arms, dragged her inside the house with him, and kicked the door shut. He wanted all the privacy he could get. Though frightened and confused, Dallas tried to escape from Joe's clutches. But it was all in vain. Powerful, determined - Joe easily contained her. While clamping a silencing hand over her mouth, he ordered her to cooperate completely and not scream or say anything stupid. Coldly he promised her a snapped neck if she disobeyed him. This was successful in taking most the fight of out Dallas. She did not doubt the seriousness in Joe's voice. As yet, she still hadn't seen his face, but she felt the sheer menace of his presence. Joe, on the other hand, had looked her over thoroughly and was very impressed. Tall, blonde, leggy and busty - Dallas exceeded his expectations. Now, impatient to get on and have his fun, he produced a night-mask and made Dallas wear it. He then hauled her off to a room out back. There he tore off her top and her bra, bound her wrists together, gagged her, and pushed her to her knees. Feeling more distressed than ever, Dallas tried again to scream and to break loose. But Joe only grew more impatient. He slapped Dallas on the butt and across the face. After he gave her a final warning, Dallas settled down. From here on in she would do whatever was necessary to survive. Then began her sex ordeal. First Joe made her stroke and suck his cock. Vulnerable, unable to see, Dallas sobbed as she fumbled a hold of it and took it into her mouth. Yet Joe showed her no mercy. He took great pleasure in gripping her hair at the back of her head, hurting her into taking him as deep as she could. Often she was left coughing and choking. Dallas did not dare resist anymore. Dutifully she fucked her tight-drawn lips up and down the length of her attacker's cock. She even licked his balls to keep him extra happy. After all this, Joe made Dallas stand. He pushed her skirt up to her hips, ripped off her panties, and spent a while rubbing her bare, defenseless pussy. The blonde's breathing was rapid from fear. Occasionally, however, she let out an involuntary gasp of pleasure. She told him to do whatever he wanted. She just wanted to survive. Joe may have been a fiend, but he knew how to hit the spot. Getting Dallas down on her hands and knees - her naked butt raised up invitingly - he gave her pussy and her asshole an intense finger-fucking from behind.

Getting Dallas down on her hands and knees - her naked butt raised up invitingly - he gave her pussy and her asshole an intense finger-fucking from behind. In spite of the shame she felt, Dallas started openly to moan. Meanwhile, her pussy grew moist and cock-ready of its own accord. Seeing that the time was right, Joe now mounted the hapless blonde and started fucking her deep - doggy-style. He pumped her long and hard, sometimes spanking her to ensure she made an effort to please him. Dallas was not completely reluctant. No matter what her thoughts or feelings on the matter, her body was taking its own enjoyment from the moment. When Joe stopped thrusting his hips and ordered Dallas to fuck herself back on his cock, she did so with surprising passion. Her moans, too, were louder and more frequent. Later, she got a further fucking in the missionary-position. Joe held her leg almost up to his shoulder as he strove to get his cock as deep into her pussy as he could. He followed this by taking Dallas on her side and then in the spoon position. Often he helped himself to her tits - roughly squeezing them. At one pulled he pulled off her gag and demanded she tell him how much she liked his cock. Dallas repeated exactly what he wanted to hear. Finally, Joe pulled out and jerked off while making Dallas lie on her back beneath him. When he shot his load, he blasted it all over her lips and chin and cheeks. He then got up and casually walked away from the scene of his crime. Left in his broken and murmuring victim - still masked and bound. She had enjoyed a dark, confusing nightmare, and her recovery from it would take a long, long time. But that was no concern of his. Already he was thinking about the future women he would violate. As long he made each of them wear the night-mask, they would never be able to identify him and spoil his evil fun.

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