Daddy's Dungeon Number 2

Released at: December 28, 2016 by Desperate Pleasures
**Anastasia Rose-** 19 year old Anastasia had quite a good run going with some wagers then her luck turned bad. Deeply indebted to a loan shark she seduces him for a chance at double or nothing. When her luck runs out completely she has no choice but to work off her debt as a sex slave for her new master. ** Maxine X-** Maxine is checking out a new office space after work. When she sees there's no one around she decides to have some fun. She pulls out a few toys and starts to fuck herself. Just as she is squirting everywhere, a security guard catches her. He handcuffs her and threatens to call the cops. Maxine offers to suck him off for her freedom. The guard pulls out his cock and shoves it in her mouth, fucking her face brutally. He blows a huge load which she swallows. But this twisted guard isn't done with her yet. What will become of Maxine now?

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Scene1: 00:00:08 - 00:59:48 (59:40)


Maxine X

Scene2: 00:59:50 - 02:02:16 (1:02:26)

Scene3: 02:02:17 - 02:20:20 (18:03)