Daddy I'm A Big Girl

Released at: April 22, 2015 by Desperate Pleasures
Mason Stone ---------------------------- Dear Diary: I caught Daddy peeping at my big titties in the shower today. The thought of him watching me turned me on so much that I've been picturing him fucking me while I masturbate. This weekend Daddy and I will have the house to ourselves giving me the chance to seduce him! Dear Diary: I found daddy watching a nature show on TV and looking board so I cuddled up with him. Before he knew what hit him I had my big titties in his hands and his cock in my mouth. Then he fucked me hard on the couch when the unthinkable happened - Daddy came inside me!!! Jessica Roberts ---------------------------- Dear Diary: Every since the 6th grade my boobs have gotten bigger and bigger, all the way up to a G cup, but they aren't the only thing expanding. Lately I've been really horny and wanting a guy to knock me up so I've been hooking up a lot. The other night I struck out at a party and was soo horny when I got home the sight of my brother crashed on the couch made my clock start ticking hard. In his hazy stupor I'm sure the site of me stroking his cock was a bit shocking but his smile gave me all the consent I needed. Teal Riley ------------------ Dear Diary: Most days after practice I come home to an empty house. As long as nobody is home it gives me time to spend quality time with my hitachi. Something about pleasing myself is much more satisfying than my boyfriend. Lately though I've been having some pretty dirty thoughts that are becoming fantasies. Almost every time I masturbate I think about doing things with my Daddy. I think it's the sheer taboo of it that really gets me hot but I've never cum this hard before. I wonder if I'll be able to keep it a fantasy. Hmm would Daddy freak if I tried to live it out?

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