Dad Crush Vol. 7

Released at: September 25, 2019 by Crave Media
AVN Award Nominee for Best Ingenue Series Mom calls saying she's going to be late, giving Monica and her stepdad some extra time to do some stepdaddy-daughter bonding. Anastasia wakes up after a short nap to discover her boob hanging out of her shirt and her stepdad's hand between her legs... just the way she likes it! Jennifer is a bad student who has failed every class, but Jennifer is also a naughty girl who's willing to do whatever it takes not to be grounded. Daisy gets caught sneaking a peak at her stepdad's dick and explains to him that her curiosity comes from the fact that she feels so inexperienced when it comes to sex. Well, what else could any horny stepdad do; he pounds that sweet, young pussy!

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