Released at: June 11, 2018 by City Girlz
3 pm Thursday afternoon Los Angeles California, I'm Jack Friday....Working the candy girl detail , candy girls, hookers, crack whores, prostitutes all the same meaning in a dead end job, the day starts out normally...then a score picks me up and takes me back to her room a , she was different, classy, educated, a woman in total control, (I was wishing I did not have to arrest her) the kind of girl you want to be balls deep in every night.... She makes her move, I hand her the money , case closed.......wait a minute she's a COP working the same assignment with another department and she wants to arrest me ....after checking credentials we decide.... What The FUCK , we work all day and do not make one tenth what a whore does plus none of the fun, ...she looked at me and said lets FUCK on the counties money....

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