Closet Confessions

Released at: July 1, 2022 by Girlsway
Skye Blue is relaxing in her room when her stepmom, Dee Williams, enters the room with a laundry basket. Dee then takes an appreciative look at the outfit that Skye is wearing. As Dee starts to get flirty with Skye, it becomes apparent that they are attracted to each other. Dee and Skye try to justify getting frisky by saying that if they only touch each other over their clothes, then it won't count as Dee cheating. Two teen best friends, Laney Gray and Skye Blue, clean out the bedroom closet at the request of Laney's stepmother, Dee Williams. They find an old diary and realize it belongs to Dee. They come across a very personal passage with Dee confessioning her feelings toward a girl but being too afraid to explore it. with a confession about a girl but too scared to explore it. Laney and Skye team up and sweetly offer to give Dee all the experience she's been missing out on. Aria Banks enjoys spending quality time with her stepmom, Rachael Cavalli. Aria hurries to her stepmom's room but is shocked to find Rachael relaxing with her hand down her panties! Truly trying to be helpful, Aria offers to help take care of Rachael.

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