Clocking Out

Released at: August 29, 2022 by Mack Kensington Studios
Strokies presents a mature and sexy Alyssa Lynn handjob scene! She's so sexy and sophisticated, hanging out after work and starting to strip down to get more comfortable. Her breasts are so full, you just can't wait to see them released from the bondage of that tight red shirt. She strips off the skirt first, revealing those sexy thighs, but then the top finally comes off and you will not believe how generous those titties are in that tight lacy bra! Mmm, those tatas look so delicious! When she finally removes the bra, you see how perfect they really are! Those giant titties didn't even need a bra for support at all, they are utterly perfect, up and mighty, looking damn good! And that sweet shaved pussy is just the icing on the cake. But speaking of icing on the cake. . . Here comes our guy to surprise her now that she's naked in the bed! He says he's been watching her and that she always knows how to tease him. They discuss her long day at work and how happy she was to get out of her clothes. He's stressed too because his boss is an asshole, and girls in short skirts teasing the fuck out of him. They're gonna have to find a way to de-stress each other! Maybe a naughty handjob will do the trick! Watch Alyssa drip lube all over his cock and then pump him to oblivion. She's a ball licker too, gotta love it! She lubes up her titties for a nice titty fuck sesh too! When they get dangerously close together to continue the stroke session, you will not believe how hot it is. . . His balls are right against her perfect slit! Then he cums all over her face and glasses for the grand finale!

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