Clea, Private Banker (French)

Released at: June 27, 2019 by DORCEL (English)
An asset manager at a big bank, Clea takes care of the portfolios of the richest customers in the city, making her an intimate acquaintance of these powerful figures. Available 24 hours a day, she's always willing to give herself over to maintain her customers' trust, and regularly goes beyond her role as a banker by offering her charm and love of sex... Threesomes, exhibitionism, double penetration... Clea consents with cunning pleasure to all of the sexual games thought up by the businessman that she cultivates. But Clea isn't just a pretty girl with loose morals: she also has a ferocious side, necessary to remain strong in the shark tank that she frequents... When Alessandra, a provocative blonde willing to submit to any type of perversion to steal Clea's customers away from her shows up in town, Clea holds steady and roll up her sleeves to put out the fire of her new rival. Rumor has it that an important investor wants to put millions into the London financial scene. Naturally, a merciless dual between Clea and Alessandra begins, with both looking to trap this big fish in their nets. Tricks, charm, blackmail: everything goes in this fight!

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