CFNM Volume 36

Released at: July 23, 2019 by William Higgins Productions
Alan Hemar arrives home to find his girlfriend laying on the bed listening to music. He joins her on the bed and they chat about music and dancing. That leads to a deal about dancing, which the girl then starts. She strips to her underwear as she dances and then it is Alan's turn and he begins to strip as he tries to dance. He gets completely naked as he follows the girl's directions. His balls swing as he moves and his cock starts to grow. He is told to grab his dick and play with it, which he does. He swings his hips to make the cock and balls move to and fro. Then Alan lays on the bed and the girl begins to feel him and wank his cock. That cock is rock hard as it is wanked. Then Alan moves and lifts his legs to show off his ass hole. The girl runs her hands all over the sexy ass and wanks on the cock some more. But she has more in mind and takes some oil and a dildo and she teases that hot hole. Soon the toy is in that hole fucking it deep as Alan's dick stays rock hard. The girl works Alan's hole with the toy, fucking it all the way in, as he wanks his stiff dick. She turns him over, onto his knees and fits the toy into her harness to use as a strap-on. Then she fucks Alan's hot ass hole, thrusting her hips to push deep into that ass. Alan's dick stays so hard as he is fucked. He is turned over onto his back and the girl wanks his rock hard cock as she continues to fuck his hot hole. Soon Alan's cock gives up the creamy load as his ass is still being fucked deep.

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