CC's Punishment: The Caning of Synthia

Released at: April 30, 2018 by California Star Productions
Gemini is furious when she finds out that one of her students have slashed her tires. As Headmistress this cannot be tolerated. Confident that she can get C.C. to squeal on the naughty girl she is called to the office. Her skirt is flipped up and she takes and over then knee spanking that turns her bottom a bright red. Then come the strap, and a final caning. Her painful squeals can only lead to her ratting on her friend Synthia. Overjoyed, Gemini decides to deal with Synthia another day... When Synthia gets to Gemini's office she is accosted with "I know what you have done!" Barely able to respond she is given a knee spanking followed by a leather strap. Each action reddens her tender pale globes. Finally she is caned by Gemini as she is laid across her desk. Given a moment Synthia is able to escape Gemini's fury, as she runs out of the office, swearing that she hasn't heard the last of this...

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