Carly's Caning & Go Powerful Strokes

Released at: May 3, 2018 by California Star Productions
In our first storyline, "Carly's Caning" the babysitter has gotten bored while the children are fast asleep. Deciding to give herself a bit of pleasure while reading a porn magazine she's hard at work on herself when her employer unexpectedly returns. Angered and shocked at her behavior, he decides to administer a bit of needed discipline. Her bare bottom is soon reddened to his delight. And her protests fall on deaf ears as he places her across his knee for a swift caning. He returns to the party in an especially satisfied mood. And in "60 Powerful Strokes" one of the jobs of Mr. Maddington is to discipline wayward girls at the college. He is particularly qualified due to his extensive experience. This particular day he is to cane one of the girls 60 times. Each stroke is delivered with great power and accuracy. It will leave this wench with a welted bottom that she will be rubbing for a solid month!

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