Caned Coeds

Released at: May 2, 2018 by California Star Productions
Mistress Erzebets' renters, Ivy and Myra, are curiously discussing the previous night's events. Upon hearing noises coming from the bedroom, they decide that what they are hearing are spankings, and that Mistress Erzebet was most likely on the receiving end! Curiosity gets the better of them and they sneak into the bedroom to see what they can find. When they find straps, paddles and canes, they decide to spank each other. Having a bit of fun, they give each other light taps with their hands and leather straps. The girls are oblivious to their surroundings, so they don't notice when Erzebet and Sir Nik return. Furious at the invasion of privacy, Erzebet finds this to be a perfect opportunity for their particular discipline. The girls are separated and dutifully spanked. Hands, some spoons and even a wooden yardstick are used against their soft naked bottoms. Myra is outraged and decides to leave the household, while Ivy decides to stay and take a caning. After a hard caning, she is accepted into the household as a new recruit into the spanking lifestyle.

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