Call Girl Caning & Spanked Hairdresser

Released at: May 1, 2018 by California Star Productions
Rita, the local hairdresser, faces the rap when she messes up one of the salon's best customers' hair. The Boss is not a happy man when he is threatened by legal action, so he locks up the shop and takes the law into his own hands. Rita's knickers are pulled down as she is put across his knee for a spanking. She is whacked with a brush, then a strap. Her bottom is now very red. In fact, beautifully warmed up for the riding crop and cane. She is made to look at herself in one of the mirrors as the cane comes crashing down on her buttocks. Call Girl Caning The CID are doing a check on all the local vice girls in the area. On this occasion a rubber-suited vice girl receives one of the plain clothes officer, thinking he is a customer. After hearing her repertoire of services and fees, he shows her his badge. The girl is threatened with arrest and subsequent court action if she does not do exactly what she is told. He orders her to strip and receive a variety of corporal punishments which leaves her bottom in a very sorry estate.

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