Buttman's Butt Freaks 3

Released at: July 11, 2001 by Evil Angel
This is not a couples video, unless you're into both obsessive ass worship and intense anal sex! I'm a "Butt Freak". I could look at ass all day, and that's most of what you get here. There is some drama and story in my first long segment here, about Nacho Vidal and his screwed up love life, but you can easily guess what my solution is for his problem. After that you get lots of fine asses in sexy tight clothes lovingly caressed by my camera (and by my hand and face!), then thrust onto a hard dick or smashed into someone's face! Mixed in with the full sex scenes are a couple of fetish tease segments with Kate Frost and Jessica Foster All stuff that gets me off!!

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Scene1: 00:05:29 - 00:39:03 (33:34)

Scene2: 00:39:04 - 00:48:15 (9:11)

Scene3: 00:48:16 - 01:39:54 (51:38)

Scene4: 01:39:55 - 01:54:45 (14:50)

Scene5: 01:54:46 - 02:16:37 (21:51)