Bubble Gum Amateurs 34

Released at: March 24, 2008 by Taccat Home Services
This next foreign beauty is Alesha and she is going to give me 3 hand jobs today. She is very exotic looking with her hair pulled back tight for the first scene. She is very thin but still has a nice build. All she has on is a teeny tiny pair of panties. She has an awesome hand technique and quickly makes me cum. Scene two is up and I hope I don't cum so fast. She has a black leather one-piece thing on now with zippers on it. She pulls her tits out, grabs the Vaseline and works her magic again. Alesha uses a very fast two-hand technique on me. Nice long strokes. She looks like she is concentrating very had on her work and makes sure I am very lubed up. Damn this girl can work a cock. I think I am going to hold out but don't. Her hands are messy again. Ok, last scene. 3 hand jobs in a row and I can't believe how good they feel. Alesha has on a black and grey two-piece. The bra goes up and off and the thong follows. She must have stock in Vaseline as much as she uses, and I am not complaining one bit. I'm going to have to use more of the stuff in my films. Her technique is basically the same as the first 2 hand jobs except that this time I last a tad bit longer. Damn this girl is good with her hands.

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